Networking, the POWER of Collaboration.


Networking meetings can be such a great way to build connections and increase your visibility in a face to face or even an online environment. Technology now permits us to connect with people who may be further away and extends our ability to build purposeful and stronger relationships. Platforms such as ,  and  are transforming the way we connect and do business online.

Throughout my business life span I have always made time to attend high quality relevant networking meetings. These opportunities can give you a space to learn from colleagues, share experiences, meet entrepreneurs who provide services which you could learn about and benefit from.

Ultimately sharing your wins and telling others what you do at networking events is a superb way of crystallising your communication on how you explain your products and services to other people.

It’s always been an attraction for me to relax and have fun with like-minded entrepreneurs. By sharing ideas, you can manifest and consolidate taking your business to the next level

The most important part of running a business is having cast iron clarity on how you help your clients and why they should choose to invest with you.

This term, as a part of my non-executive directorship work for the Tutors Association, I have been busy launching a project helping tutors across the UK get more connected through networking meetings in both the online and off-line space. It’s been great to work alongside fellow board directors and particularly the President Tim Morris and Magdalena Ewen. Tutors Association member volunteers have been extremely positive and enthusiastic to get this project off the ground it is amazing what the power of collaboration can manifest.

In this first phase of the launch, some of our UK members and I have offered our time and knowledge to help set up regional hubs to encourage tutors to network, collaborate and support each other on a more regional and local level.

Currently this is the initial roll-out phase consisting of 4 meetings, ranging from Edinburgh to the South-East of England. It would be great to get more tutors on board to roll out further regional hubs in 2020.

FREE to Tutors Association members.

As an encouragement to join we welcome all tutors to attend free of charge for the first time.

You can find out how to attend and register on the TTA website.

North East England Meetings. Face-to-Face: 28/02/20. Online: 09/03/20

Scotland Meetings. Face-to-Face: 20/02/20. Online: 19/03/20

South East England Meetings. Face-to-Face: 27/02/20. Online: 10/02/20

Central London Meetings.  Face-to-Face: 06/03/20. Online: 27/03/20

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