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First of all, Massive Congratulations to you!

Your passion and energy for a product, profession, industry expertise and commitment has taken your business and vision very far on the business growth ladder.​

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Are you now wishing to go to the next level and wondering, ‘do I have the skills, knowledge and drive to go to the next stage of growth’? You may be asking yourself, ‘What does my business need to BE ? What does my business need to DO? What does my business need to HAVE?’ What am I hoping my business will represent in 5, 10 or 15 years time?

 this is where business growth mentoring would be helpful

Hi-Juice have brought together a team of professional experienced business coaches and business mentors who have years of proven experience and are ready to help you identify, understand, achieve your goals. At Hi Juice we believe in using uncomplicated but proven coaching tools to get the results you deserve. We use Hi-Juice effective mentoring models with a multitude of expert and proven strategies to enable you to experience building your business the way YOU want it to be and to deliver YOUR business goals.  

We work ‘WITH YOU‘ to deliver common sense VALUE DRIVEN coaching that REALLY WORKS!

So now you could be wondering…..What is ‘The Fact Find’ ? Why have a FREE Business Assessment?

As business mentors we spend time with our clients to clearly understand their business to then be in a great position to deliver value driven effective help. The business mentor spends time with you totally FREE of charge and this is all done before we take on any new clients.


Let us face it, getting advice from your life partner, wife, husband, accountant, lawyer, bank manager, mates down the pub or helpful relatives can become a bit unproductive. The purpose of a business coach or mentor is to have experience of the situations you may be going through, expert knowledge that could help you, empathy and powerful skills to help you without being biased in any way. The business mentor’s role is to exercise their highly skilled coaching training to help you succeed in your personal and business goals. 

So let Hi-Juice business coaches ask you….

Do you sometimes feel you have tried ‘lots of ways’ but your business is stuck at a certain growth point? 

Are you seriously looking to grow your business but feel that you have tried every idea you can think of, but still haven’t achieved the success you look for? 

Recent research has shown that ALL businesses get stuck at a certain level of growth.

No Matter how hard you work sometimes an external perspective with ideas to challenge, motivate and energise is what YOU and YOUR business needs.

The truth is business today is far more competitive and complex than 30 years ago. One may think that the on-set of technology would make things easier….YES for processes and NO for decision making and developing your own personal authentic brand. Marketing has more options, sales requires technology to capture leads and process flow is now very important indeed. At Hi-juice we have developed our 9 point plan for business flow and Hi-Juice Flow. In order for a business to grow and sustain that growth it requires 9 main elements. We are proud to coach and teach entrepreneurs this model and see them thrive in their business growth.

Hi Juice friendly business mentors can help to….

Develop YOUR clear strategy to drive and manage growth in YOUR business.

Here are some of the popular business coaching aspects we help businesses with:

  • Consultative Sales  Becoming the ‘trusted expert’
  • Marketing for Growth- Segmentation and your Return On Investment
  • Leadership & Management  Have you been investing in yourself?
  • Business Growth  What Propels Success
  • Franchising & Licensing  Smart Accelerated Growth Strategy
  • Start-ups / Business Concept to Plan and Growth
  • Time Management  Prioritising, Effective Goal Setting and Decision Making
  • Exit, building legacy & Succession  Where are you on your business journey?

We’d love to offer you a Complimentary Business Assessment, it’s a 60 minute meeting designed to help you understand where you are in the business lifecycle and how we can help with Business Growth, Funding Your Next Stage of Success or Selling and Moving On.

How We Can Help You 
Take The Next Steps to Grow You & Your Business


Improving Your Sales

Coaching and Mentoring to help understand ‘Why Should Customers Buy from You?’


Marketing For Growth

Coaching and Mentoring to help you ‘Market and Communicate with Your Customers’



Using the expert profiling tool ‘Compass’ we carve out the ‘Entrepreneur Leader & Manager in YOU’

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Time Management

Time management is the one that makes the most change for successful growth