“Begin with the end in mind”

HABIT 2  Steven Covey, Seven habits of highly effective people

You may have met many marketing consultants during your business journey. Hi Juice our coaches emphasise on ‘coaching’  and mentoring you to find the marketing and advertising that works for YOU and getting the best from your 12 month marketing activity planner which will generate new business. We coach and mentor business owners to understand the merits of an expert marketing mix, rich with business acquisition, retention and conversion strategies.  

Business Coaching with a marketing focus can help you to:

  • Appreciate the cost and benefits of acquisition, retention and conversion marketing.
  • Coach you to create effective marketing plans.
  • Mentor you to learn how to analyse and calculate cost per leads.
  • Coach you to create relevant marketing  goals.
  • Explore and mentor you to create an effective marketing mix for YOUR market sector.
  • Hi-Juice empower you to confidently measure your results.

Marketing can be frustrating as it’s easy to end up far away from where you started. We coach and mentor business owners with the expertise and direction to eliminate money wasting ad hoc, too generic and un-targeted bland marketing campaigns, and to start having the clarity of a strategy and a targeted plan to follow. We begin with the end in mind. We show you  ways of making sure your marketing works, by avoiding the pitfalls and focus on key benefits.


FINDING CUSTOMERS: think of your online marketing like a spiders web. Each marketing element links to all the others with your web site at the centre. Web sites are only successful if you’re actively driving traffic to them. Concentrate on existing clients for the ‘lower hanging fruit’ with email campaigns and social media and use social media advertising, SEO and PPC to reach out to potential customers.

CONVERTING CUSTOMERS: turning online browsers into buyers is essential for cashflow and profit. Your web site design and development, and indeed all online marketing, should centre on increased conversion for greater profitability.

ANALYSING FOR INFORMED DECISION MAKING: making your marketing accountable. Measure your ROI with audits and regular reviews. Being proactive reaps greater reward than being reactive

 Using simple strategies that work – we get our sleeves rolled up and coach you through to grasping effective marketing for business growth. 

Hi-Juice BUSINESS COACHES AND MENTORS are experts and  focus on common sense marketing principles that really do work.

We’d love to offer you a Complimentary Business Assessment, it’s a 60 minute meeting designed to help you understand where you are in the business lifecycle and how we can help with Business Growth, Funding Your Next Stage of Success or Selling and Moving On.