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What's Hi-Juice all about then?

Hi-Juice began its journey in 2006 as it was created as a result of Ambika's passion and energy for healthy fresh juices and tasty smoothies completely pure and preservative free.

Ambika (Ana) embarked on her vision to create something amazing and tasty from something really good for you. 

 All the Hi-Juice recipes are nutritionally balanced and include fresh ingredients and some fruit which is challenging to source in its pure form is IQF. IQF fruit is individually quickly frozen directly at the point of harvest. This ensures that the maximum nutritional content and freshness is captured and contained. The IQF method ensures that the fruit are blast frozen and so they get frozen individually so they are easier to work with in terms of measuring fruit quantities to make smoothies and juices.

Some of the famous best sellers at Hi-Juice are ‘Bollywood Bliss’™ which is an amazing blend of coconut milk, apple juice, mangos, strawberries and low-fat frozen yoghurt. The second best seller is 'Mango Mad' which is a delicious recipe of fresh mango, squeezed orange juice, banana and goji berries.

 The Acai berry, Goji and Acerola can be used in amazing ways blended with fresh apple, orange and pear puree. During 2008- 2009 Hi-Juice experienced customers queuing up to savour and enjoy the delicious drinks.

Due to financial circumstances onset by deep recession in 2010 the bars became unable to offer their amazing tasty drinks.

The original recipes, brand and operational shop concept was kept for future launch.

As a result, Hi-Juice will re launch and operate in 2017.

Hi-Juice today, represents an umbrella brand which cares and celebrates the energy, vitality and healthy mind, great business and love for having fun in life.

Today Hi-Juice offers a lifestyle brand that ‘Celebrates Life’™

We appreciate that the 21st century brings a new wave of life values. The lifestyle balance, care for what we eat and drink and ability to enjoy life, rest and have fun is imperative for happiness, growth and success.