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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Having A Mentor

What You DO with a Mentor

  • You can expect honest advice and guidance with a mentor, and this will help to improve the chances of success for your business and brand
  • You can expect ‘constructive criticism’ from a mentor and this while this may be hard to listen to it will be extremely beneficial to you.
  • You can expect your mentor sessions to be flexible; sometimes you will ask and answer lots of questions, other times you will use your mentor as a sounding board and other times you will be accountable to your mentor.
  • You can expect your mentor to be a positive and beneficial addition to your business and for your personal development too.
  • You can have more than one mentor; in some cases business owners choose to have a business owner mentor with lots of experience of setting up and growing a business and another mentor with industry experience.

What You DON’T DO with a Mentor

  • You don’t be afraid to ask questions, that is what they are therefore and if you do not ask questions you will not get the best from your mentor or for your business.
  • You don’t expect your mentor to tell you what to do and how to do it; they are your mentor and not your manager so they will offer advice and guidance but what you choose to do is ultimately your decision.
  • You don’t expect your mentor to just click their fingers and make your business work for you; only you can make your business work and be successful.
  • You don’t expect to only hear good things from your mentor; your mentor is not like your friends who want you to be happy, your mentor wants you and your business to do well.
  • You don’t expect your mentor to be available 24-7; like you they are business owners with their own friends and family too so don’t cancel meetings at short notice and respect their professional boundaries.