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We’ve given you the answers, now it’s time to hear some of our glowing reports from successful business owners, teachers, parents and children …  

We wouldn’t be where we are without you. When we receive positive feedback and ‘glowing reports’ it gives us the inspiration we need to keep on delivering our outstanding services. It’s our passion and there’s nothing better than knowing we’re doing a great job.

" Kam helped me gain clarity and formulate a plan"

I can’t recommend working with Kam enough. I was facing a major change project in my business
and needed some clarity and a plan, and this is what Kam was able to give me. Kam quickly got to the heart
of my problem and had lots of ideas about how to simplify my situation and make the best progress.
Now I am on the other side of my change project I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got there without his help and advice.
Kam really, really knows what he is talking about!
Mary Lonsdale
– Mary Lonsdale
"She is a great mentor, motivator and manager of building teams of people"
I can highly recommend Ambika's energy, drive and dedication to getting results. She is a very hard worker, and single minded in solving problems and communicating what she wants. Her skills are in analysing detail, forming a plan and then seeing that plan through. She is a great mentor, motivator and manager of building teams of people, and is always hungry to learn and develop. She sees what needs to be done and will get on with it with great determination, tenacity and effort.
– Director Education Business, Portsmouth UK
"I have the greatest admiration for her exceptional skills and talents and recommend her unreservedly"
As the Centre Director for Kip McGrath Tuition Centre, Wandsworth, I have known Ambika for over six years and in the time I have known her I have come to strongly admire her efficiency, competence and excellent rapport which she has with myself and fellow franchise business owners. I believe she is a good business coach and mentor.
Ambika, who was the Kip McGrath Franchise Support and Operations Director for the London and Eastern Region, demonstrates incredible initiative and a strong dedication. She leads by example, and I, in establishing my business, (as a new franchisee of Kip McGrath,) have found her coaching, enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.
To promote the company and benefit its franchisees nationwide, Ambika has been instrumental in organising, researching and bringing to fruition the acceptance of Kip McGrath as a business partner of the major UK supermarket, Tesco. This, which has been the biggest scoop in the history of the company, (established thirty years ago), has been brought about solely through her tenacity and determination. The positive spin offs of this successful project is already been felt in many branches of the Kip McGrath who has been sorely tested in this time of recession.
These bold and exciting ventures, which have brought enormous benefits for the company are indicative of her natural leadership, ability to mentor, coach and professionalism.
I have the greatest admiration for her exceptional skills and talents and recommend her unreservedly. I believe Kip McGrath as an international tuition company and Kip McGrath Eastern, of which she was the master franchisor are deeply indebted to her for her outstanding contributions. I have no hesitation in recommending her as the Growth Accelerator Coach.
– Patrick Mostert, Education Director, Wandsworth
"I consider myself lucky to have her train and coach me"
Ambika has been an inspiration to me when I started working with her. She is a supportive and resourceful leader and people manager. I consider myself lucky to have her train and coach me in my professional journey in education. She's a powerful role model.
– Sabina Hamid, Teacher of Physics, UK Education
"She has a wealth of strategies at her disposal"
I have just completed 6 sessions of coaching with Ana. It came at a difficult time for me and, although enthusiastic at first, I had a period in the middle where work pressures meant that I really didn’t feel I had the time for the process. Of course, that is when you need it most. Ana was very patient during these more reluctant sessions and always found a way through to reconnect me with my goals. She has a wealth of strategies at her disposal, which she has used with me to set goals and improve my thinking. She also set me tasks between sessions and asked about them at the next one, so there was no letting me off the hook!

Personally, I found Ana to be friendly, sympathetic and helpful whilst remaining professional and focussed. She was easy to have a laugh with, which is very important to me, but she always got me back on track and pointing in the right direction.

I enjoyed working with Ana and have many more tools at my disposal than before, as well as a renewed enthusiasm for where I am going.
– J Williams
"Thank you very much"
Thank you very much for helping me Mr Pindoria, the help is very much appreciated one more thing thank you for putting a smile on my face when I am down
– Vikram
"We appreciate the training, guidance and support received from our mentors Ambika and Kam Pindoria"
My ambition has always been to own my own business related to education, but I never thought that I could actually bring these two factors together- now I contribute towards the educational development of children and young people in my community. Furthermore, we appreciate the training, guidance and support received from our mentors Ambika and Kam Pindoria
– North London Tutoring Business owner
"His vocabulary improved dramatically, as well as his reading and writing"
I have a son aged 14, Peter who was insecure and struggling with English and Maths. As his school work and grades were flagging, half way through Peter’s year 7, I decided to enrol him to be tutoring and coached by Ambika Pindoria and her husband Kamlesh. Within six months his grades were completely transformed. His vocabulary improved dramatically, as well as his reading and writing

skills. He excelled not only in English but also in other subjects requiring fluency in written and verbal expression, such as geography and history. Ambika stretched him in maths, engaging him with a unique mix of computer and written work, and now he is working at GCSE level (even though he is only year 8). Most of all his confidence surged and I cannot recommend Ambika Pindoria more….Whenever he comes out of the lesson he is smiling and very happy. I am very grateful to Ambika for helping Peter her coaching and tutoring has been incredible……….
– Katarina, Regulatory Affairs specialist-agrochemicals (efficacy/agronomy) at Battelle UK
"Running a tutoring business enables me to have a positive impact"
I love teaching my subject and have a strong desire to see children fulfil their potential. However, it is often impossible for them for them to do so through mainstream schooling alone. Running a tutoring business enables me to have a positive impact upon the learning of each child identifying individual learning needs and providing consistent support and guidance with great support
– Hemel Hempstead, Language School Owner
"I used to find maths boring"
I used to find maths boring, after tutoring with Mrs.Pindoria it's my favourite subject
– Josh Patel
"All businesses she is involved with will improve"
I met Mrs Ambika (Ana ) Pindoria in February 2000. Since then she became a colleague and business coach. Ambika is a real inspiration not just to women (and men) in business, but also to those who are fortunate to know her and work closely with her. She is extremely hardworking, diligent and committed to her goals, both personal and professional. She is a visionary, very imaginative and her creativity lead to the birth of her Hi-Juice Business in 2006. This is quite extraordinary as she launched this business while owning several Kip McGrath Education Centres as well as being the Master of the Kip McGrath Eastern as well as London region.
Ambika finds her strength in the knowledge and security that all businesses she is involved with will improve the health and well-being of her customers not just immediately, but also in the long run. At the High Juice Bar you will find only the highest quality of products, at the tuition business the children’s needs are top priority and the lives of many have been changed for the better. As a Master Franchisee she is always willing to mentor, support, nurture, guide, train, advise, share and inspire. As a businessperson she is always dealing with others in a fair and transparent manner.
Ambika is a true leader, well known and respected in the community she serves. She touches people on all different levels of society. She is loved and adored by her family, friends, colleagues, employees, fellow business owners and the community in general. Businessmen and -women respects her for who she is and what she has achieved during her career. The loyalty and respect she enjoys from others came through honesty, dedication and consistency year after year. Her business acumen has brought her success on many different levels and is admired by many.
Ambika’s success has been an inspiration to me in many ways, as she has made her own dreams
come true while showing others (children and adults) not just how to dream themselves, but to make it happen step by step. I hope that I will be fortunate enough to be part of her life for many years to come
– Hannake Kluge, Director of Tutoring Business, UK Essex
"I have achieved in being one of the best"
Mrs Pindoria has helped me a lot because I have achieved in being one of the best in my maths class.
– Melanie Allen
During the period of Ana’s coaching I was able to secure a large contract worth over £27,000
I was fortunate to receive business coaching from Ana for a 4 month period. During this time I learnt a great deal about how I could change the way I approached business tasks and challenges as I had been in business for over 20 years. I needed a fresh pair of eyes.

Ana helped me with aspects of time management, product development, goal setting, long time business strategy and evaluating my business productivity on a week by week basis. During the period of Ana’s coaching I was able to secure a large contract worth over £27,000 which was accredited to the positivity and self believe she assisted me realise that there were no limits to my potential. If you are considering appointing a coach or mentor to drive you to grow your business or just re-evaluate where you are in your business journey I would recommend that you contact her.
– Paul Ottey - Business owner
"Ambika is also very forthcoming with any feedback, which is essential in my role"
I have worked with Ambika, as a service provider for a number of years, and have always found her to be, not only professional, but also passionate about business and it's growth. Ambika communicates clearly and concisely about her requirements, and also outlines any challenges that need to be tackled, which means that I always have a good understanding of what is needed from me. Ambika is also very forthcoming with any feedback, which is essential in my role, and enables me to give the best advice based on the information provided. Ambika has a very personable style in her approach to working with organisations, and the relationship which she has built with our MD over the last 12 years speaks volumes about her abilities in this area. I look forward to continuing the
relationship that both Ambika and myself have developed whilst working together
– ARC Media Partner, Sam Ferguson
"Ambika brings a can-do attitude to her projects"
Ambika is highly committed and values driven. She is commercially focused and astute in all business matters
Ambika brings a can-do attitude to her projects. She is full of energy and was central to driving forward and project managing the expectations on the client -side. She ensured we met deadlines, launched on time and maintained momentum beyond this. She helped to motivate and engage internal stakeholders and gave a great deal of time to providing valuable and constructive feedback.
– Director of Marketing & PR Communications, Edcoms
Home school tutoring
I first met Kam and Ambika ( Ana) at a TTA seminar in London , 1st July 2016, and found the session they led to be so inspiring and empowering, that to take consultancy with them was an obvious choice to help me improve and grow my tutoring business.
From the very first meeting with them, Ana and Kam have brought so much clarity and expertise to my business. They take time to listen , and to completely understand my current business situation , and have enabled me to identify its strengths and weaknesses as well as my goals. After several years of coasting along in my tutoring business , wanting to effect change and improvements but not knowing where to find suitable business mentors , it was particularly satisfying to find and Kam and Ambika ( Ana) of Hi Juice. Not only are they highly successful business people themselves , but they also are teachers with a heart for education , for building confidence in learning and enabling progress. It is therefore the ideal combination.
In layman’s terms, and at a comfortable pace, they work through considerations such as :
our unique business branding , its DNA ;
the values and attitudes that are at the heart of my business ;
the leadership , responsibilities and skills within the business management and staff;
identifying our clients and looking at ways in which we can connect with them;
looking at the structures of the business , and ways we can improve
exploring potential additional benefits that could be developed
In every session I have felt completely at ease with Kam and Ambika ( Ana) ; the conversations we share and the guidance they give is in total confidence.
They genuinely desire the very best for my tutoring business and for myself as we consider all aspects that impact on the business itself and on the people , myself included, who work within the business or who use its services. I would recommend them to anyone who needs similar guidance and business mentoring.
– Margaret Sweetand
"predicted a C but achieved a B"
Mrs Pindoria thank you for all your help. I was predicted a C but achieved a B at higher level in my GCSE maths examination thanks to you
– Selina Smith
"Thank you very much for all your help and support"
Thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the year. Without you I am certain I would have never achieved my grade C
– Amy Brooks