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"Kam and Ambika (Ana) Pindoria began their journey into the world of enterprise at the ages of 26.  They bring their refreshing expertise as passionate educators & entrepreneurs with proven success who are committed to help other businesses grow. Their quest for helping others GROW drives their ability to mentor & coach using common sense business principles."

 They started their first business in 1995 when they opened a Kip McGrath Education franchise in, Essex UK.
Kam and Ana are both well qualified and experienced British teachers in Physics and Mathematics and hold substantial commercial experience. Ambika's career profile includes management accounting, corporate training, online-marketing, project management and operations. Kam specialises in commercial property, construction, retail and financial management.  

Outstanding Business acumen

Their outstanding business acumen as a couple resulted in them running one of the most successful Franchises within the organisation in the UK. This was recognised by the Franchisor as they were appointed as countrywide franchise caretakers whilst the corporate board sold master franchise territories through the UK as apart of their network growth strategy. Their role of caretaking the wholenetwork of centres throughout the UK, from 1999 to 2001 was the beginning of their journey in becoming experts in network growth.

 Master Franchisors for 13 years

They were then awarded the master franchise region for Eastern England and further established Kip McGrath Eastern UK Ltd in 1999. As a result of meeting their targets Kam and Ambika Pindoria were awarded a second Master Franchise territory- London within the M25. They have been awarded by the Franchisor for outstanding achievements from 2001 to 2012 and attained global records in franchise sales and revenue generation.

 Multiple Franchise Owners for 11 years
Through their innate ability to grow by identifying talent, building teams and working in partnerships with like minded great entrepreneurs they became multiple franchise owners for 6 licenses in London and Essex. With successful revenue growth and student numbers  they were able to resale these franchises and empower teacher-entrepreneurs to drive their own operations.

Hi Juice & Smoothie Cafe Bars  - Multiple Retail Outlets

Through Ambika's passion and interest for healthy mind, body and diet she succesfully devised an interesting menu of recipes for fresh, delicious juices and smoothies in 2006. These drinks became so popular that Kam and Ambika launched and ran 2 bars in a top commercial shopping centre and High Street location. www.hi-juice.co.uk

Core Values and Philosophy

Their core values and business philosophy is based on integrity, responsibility and mutual respect. People who work with them understand that they value creativity from concept, competencies to drive business growth, connections to collaborate with and they cherish fun and enjoyment to enhance and reward achievement and celebrate successes.

Pride in Team work

Together they have led great people and built outstanding business teams in Education, Retail, Business Franchising and Motorsport.  'Collaboration and Balance' in business is their passion and underpins their entrepreneural successes.

Current Activities 2015 and onward. In July 2015 Hi-Juice Was set up to help business owners Grow their enterprises.

Currently Kam Pindoria is a registered and approved Business Consultant and Coach with Shirlaws UK  and Ambika Pindoria is a registered and approved Business Growth Coach with Growth Accelerator,  Business Growth Services  and Education Coach and Business Coach qualifying with Coaching Diplomas from the The Coaching Academy, globally the  largest coaching qualifications provider.

Ambika Pindoria is additionally a passionate Director for Get Smart Tutoring in Essex and leads a team of expert teachers and tutors to provide outstanding Maths, English and Science Education tutoring programmes to over 100 students from year 1 to GCSE level.

They are the sole founder owners and are responsible for Hi-Juice Fresh Juice and Smoothie Bars established in 2006. They are excited to announce that the Hi-Juice bars will re-launch in 2017.

 They are both passionate educators & entrepreneurs with proven success who are committed to help other businesses grow. Their quest for helping others GROW drives their ability to coach &  mentor using common sense business principles.