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Hi Juice Tutoring Academy - training for the tuition industry

"Experienced trainers SINCE 1995, we specialise in transforming passionate tutors into a fully fledged professional thriving business owners'.   Ambika Pindoria

 Whether you would like to:

  • Become a full- time tutor or part-time tutor
  • Improve your tutoring skills
  • Acquire a tutor mentor
  • Grow your existing tutoring business

….the team at Hi-Juice will ensure you learn, develop and grow. We will work hard with you every step of the way. We will coach you and assist you to meet your business goals.

Whether you are an independent tutor operating from home, commercial operator, on-line tutoring business or multiple site operator- national or international we have a network of skills and knowledge to empower you to grow your business. 

Your training with us will always be instructive, informative and enjoyable and our team of trainers have excellent expertise and an established track record in tutoring. They are second to none and all bring with them a wealth of hands on experience of running tutoring businesses.

What makes us stand out?

Our expertise started about 20 years ago, when after school tutoring in the UK was a relatively new phenomenon. We started with establishing one branch in the suburbs of Essex and growing the business 100 fold in 6 months. At Hi-Juice you will be trained by experts in tutoring who have built multiple successful businesses, not only in tutoring. Our experience is genuine and consistent and we practice and train you in good business culture with ethical business growth strategy. 

The founders of the Hi-Juice Tutoring Academy have successfully trained and empowers over 4000 teachers, tutors and budding tuition centre operators for over 20 years. Their joint expertise is the foundation for the tutoring academy’s establishment.   

Kam Pindoria says, “We strive to ensure that today’s providers of tuition have the necessary tools, techniques and strategies required to achieve success”.

 Ambika states, “We're incredibly proud of the reputation we've developed since opening our doors to pupils and training tutors since 1995. We started when tutoring in the UK was a relatively new phenomenon. We are passionate to be at the forefront of global tutor training and aim to be the go-to organisation for people who want to train professionally in the practical skills and effective strategies used for great tutoring. ”