Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction to focus on the right things to take our businesses in the right direction.

That's why we're offering a free business Assessment for ambitious business owners like you to see where you can improve your business and thrive.

We’d love to offer you a Complimentary Business Assessment, it’s a 60 minute meeting designed to help you understand where you are in the business lifecycle and how we can help with Business Growth, Funding Your Next Stage of Success or Selling and Moving On.

We meet you face to face to carry out your business assessment and discuss how we will help.


"Ambika is also very forthcoming with any feedback, which is essential in my role"
I have worked with Ambika, as a service provider for a number of years, and have always found her to be, not only professional, but also passionate about business and it's growth. Ambika communicates clearly and concisely about her requirements, and also outlines any challenges that need to be tackled, which means that I always have a good understanding of what is needed from me. Ambika is also very forthcoming with any feedback, which is essential in my role, and enables me to give the best advice based on the information provided. Ambika has a very personable style in her approach to working with organisations, and the relationship which she has built with our MD over the last 12 years speaks volumes about her abilities in this area. I look forward to continuing the
relationship that both Ambika and myself have developed whilst working together
– ARC Media Partner, Sam Ferguson
"She has gained so much more confidence"
I can't speak highly enough of Kam Pindoria and the way in which my daughter Elisa has come on in leaps and bounds with her maths especially she has gained so much more confidence, has conquered times tables and is mastering timing, and fractions.
– Mrs Yearling
Home school tutoring
I first met Kam and Ambika ( Ana) at a TTA seminar in London , 1st July 2016, and found the session they led to be so inspiring and empowering, that to take consultancy with them was an obvious choice to help me improve and grow my tutoring business.
From the very first meeting with them, Ana and Kam have brought so much clarity and expertise to my business. They take time to listen , and to completely understand my current business situation , and have enabled me to identify its strengths and weaknesses as well as my goals. After several years of coasting along in my tutoring business , wanting to effect change and improvements but not knowing where to find suitable business mentors , it was particularly satisfying to find and Kam and Ambika ( Ana) of Hi Juice. Not only are they highly successful business people themselves , but they also are teachers with a heart for education , for building confidence in learning and enabling progress. It is therefore the ideal combination.
In layman’s terms, and at a comfortable pace, they work through considerations such as :
our unique business branding , its DNA ;
the values and attitudes that are at the heart of my business ;
the leadership , responsibilities and skills within the business management and staff;
identifying our clients and looking at ways in which we can connect with them;
looking at the structures of the business , and ways we can improve
exploring potential additional benefits that could be developed
In every session I have felt completely at ease with Kam and Ambika ( Ana) ; the conversations we share and the guidance they give is in total confidence.
They genuinely desire the very best for my tutoring business and for myself as we consider all aspects that impact on the business itself and on the people , myself included, who work within the business or who use its services. I would recommend them to anyone who needs similar guidance and business mentoring.
– Margaret Sweetand