First of all, Massive Congratulations! Your passion and energy for a product, profession, industry expertise and commitment has taken your business and vision very far on the business growth ladder.

Are you now wishing to go to the next level and wondering, ‘do I have the skills, knowledge and drive to go to the next stage of growth’? You may be asking yourself, 'What does my business need to BE ? What does my business need to DO? What does my business need to HAVE?'

... this is where business growth coaching would be helpful

We have brought together a team of professional experienced coaches who have years of experience of helping you identify, understand, achieve your goals. At Hi Juice we believe in using uncomplicated but proven coaching tools to get results you deserve. We use effective models such as GROW along with a multitude of expert and proven strategies to enable you to experience building your business the way YOU want it to be and to deliver YOUR business goals.  

We work 'WITH YOU' to deliver common sense VALUE DRIVEN coaching that REALLY WORKS!

What is 'The Fact Find?'

We spend time with our clients to clearly understand their business to then be in a great position to deliver value driven effective help.

Have you thought about Your Business Growth for today, tomorrow and beyond....?

Do you sometimes feel you have tried ‘lots of ways’ but your business is stuck at a certain growth point? 

Are you seriously looking to grow your business but feel that you have tried every idea you can think of, but still haven't achieved the success you look for? 

Recent research has shown that businesses get stuck at a certain level of growth. No Matter how hard you work sometimes an external perspective with ideas to challenge, motivate and energise is what YOU and YOUR business needs.

Hi Juice friendly business experts can help you to:

Develop YOUR clear strategy to drive and manage growth in YOUR business.

Here are some of the popular aspects we get asked to help with:

  • Consultative Sales  Becoming the ‘trusted expert’
  • Marketing for Growth- Segmentation and your Return On Investment
  • Leadership & Management  Have you been investing in yourself?
  • Business Growth  What Propels Success
  • Franchising  Smart Accelerated Growth Strategy
  • Start-ups / Business Concept to Plan and Growth
  • Time Management  Prioritising, Effective Goal Setting and Decision Making
  • Exit & Succession  Where are you on your business journey?
Ana is a great business coach and if you are looking for support and guidance in setting up your business
Ana has unleashed my potential of setting up a coaching business. After just two sessions of working with Ana, I have been able to plan the steps I need to take to attract clients. These steps include, marketing my business, creating pricing packages and maximising my website. Ana’s extensive business experience, knowledge and professional approach are immediately apparent, she uses her coaching/mentoring skills effectively, which has enabled me to focus on my personal qualities and experience. Ana has really helped me to clarify the direction in which I want to take my business, whilst providing me with a framework for making change happen. Ana is a great business coach and if you are looking for support and guidance in setting up your business, I would highly recommend Ana.
– Cherie Cowan-Smith Parent and Teacher Coach

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